Welbeck Primary School
Music Curriculum

Music Curriculum

We are proud and passionate about our music curriculum, which is adapted from the Model Music Curriculum and enables our pupils to develop their singing, listening, composing and performing skills. It is linked to our creative curriculum to ensure it is relevant to our children, showcases a global and historical perspective and has clear progression of children’s skills and knowledge.
All classes, from Nursery to Year 6, have weekly music lessons, either delivered by the class teacher or the Nottingham Music Hub. Children in Year 4 participate in whole class ensemble lessons in guitar, led by Music teachers from Nottingham Music Hub. During assemblies, children are given further opportunities to enjoy and appreciate the diversity of music from different times and different cultures. In addition to this, our Gifted and Talented pupils have their skills developed through participation in instrumental tuition, extracurricular clubs, Nottingham Music Hub Music camp and other performance opportunities.

Key Stage 1 and 2

At Welbeck Primary, our Music curriculum is split into 4 strands. These strands are taught in each year group across the year to develop skills and knowledge progressively throughout the school.

  • Singing
  • Listening
  • Composing
  • Performing/Instrumental Performance

Music is taught weekly in Key Stage 1 and 2 in one hour whole class lessons. The children sing together, learn about composers, composition and notation, use different instruments from our class sets of percussion, woodwind, glockenspiels and djembes, and play together as an ensemble.

Children in KS2 have a 30 minute weekly singing assembly, where they sing as an ensemble, learn about good practice in singing, and learn songs for enjoyment and performance.

Class teachers, external music providers and specialist instrumental teachers will assess children’s progress informally during lessons, ensuring that any gaps in learning are identified and addressed to shape lessons and meet the children’s needs. Children are also encouraged to assess their own and other’s learning through practising being an active audience member, talking about performances and giving constructive feedback.

Performance Opportunities

Our pupils have regular performance opportunities to share their achievements in music, with their peers, families and at events across Nottingham city. These performances include: Harvest concert, Spring Concert, Christmas shows and the Nativity, Carol concerts, singing festivals, end of year productions and singing for partners and residential homes in our local community.

Music Progression Framework

NMS Ensemble Schedule – Primary

Music Development Plan