Topics 2021 – 2022 Cycle 1

Year Group

Autumn 1

7 weeks

Autumn 2

7 weeks

Spring 1

6 weeks

Spring 2

6 weeks

Summer 1

6 weeks

Summer 2

8 weeks


Marvellous me


Communication +Language

Science-Human body, health and self-care, making friends

Festivals and celebrations

Diwali, Bonfire Night, Birthdays, Christmas, Christingle


People and Community-

Bonfire night-Firefighters

Health and Safety, different jobs, similarities/differences

Winter and cold lands

Understanding the World

How to keep warm in winter, how environment has changed, animals and habitats

English-Percy the Park Keeper

Journeys and Transport

Geography- Similarities and differences between places

D&T- Use a range of materials to design and make vehicles

Growing- Lifecycles


Science- Tadpoles- life cycles

Understanding the World


Land animals around the world

Science- Farm animals, habitats

Geography- different countries comparing to UK


Castles, dungeons and Dragons

History- Castles over time

Passing of time

Daily life

Mythical stories

DT-moving castles

Weather Experts

Science- Seasonal changes

Comparing weather to other countries

Materials-compare and classify

Artic Adventures

Geography-Name and locate countries, compare non-European country

Use four compass points, locating hot/cold countries


Science- Classification of animals


We are Britain

Geography- Name and locate four countries and capital city

Basic geographical features- Famous landmarks

Art-Study Famous British artist

Music-Famous British Musicians

Magnificent Monarchs


Timelines-Key events of Britain’s past  The Monarchy

Parliament , changes in living memory-Toys and Transport

Art-Sketching portraits using range of materials

Mini beasts

Science-identify and compare animals

Life cycles, Habitats

Food chains

DT-Use a rage of materials designing mini beasts



Geography–comparing climates, landscapes, comparing localities, people and culture comparison

Art/DT-Designing African masks

World War 1

History- timelines

Being and Evacuee

Trench life



Science- electrical circuits

Insulation/conduction of materials

The World of Chocolate

Science-Chanes of state

Geography-Locate World countries-Fair Trade

English-Charlie and the Chocolate factory

The Vikings

History-timelines, Main events

Daily life, Key Figures

Orienteering and Exploring

Geography-8 point compass skills, Map skills

History-Famous Explorers



History- Britain through the 1900s


English- diary writing, letter writing, news reports

Residential- Geography

4 and 6 grid referenced on OS maps

Fieldwork study

Extreme Earth

Science- animals to environment

Adaptation and evolution

Geography- weather and volcanoes

English-report writing

Crime and Punishment

History- to know how crime and punishment has changed over time

DARE Programme

English-non chronological report, narrative poetry, diary writing, descriptive writing

Light and Electricity

Science- circuits

How has electricity impacted on our lives?

Light and shadow

 Central and South Americas

Science – Living Things and their Habitats

Geography  – Understand geographical similarities and differences through the study of human and physical geography of a region

Britain’s got Talent

 (Y6 Transition)

History- famous people through history

Music-The Beatles

English- public speak and presentations

PSHE- Transition

Whole School

50 things

European Languages day

Harvest Festival

Diwali-assembly and dance workshops

Residential Home visit

Democracy-vote for school council

Children in Need


Pantomime  trip

Sing in choir

Visit exhibition

Christmas production

Safer Internet Day

Spring Concert performance

Sport Relief-run a  mile

World Book day-dress as book character/meet an author

Science week

Easter Run

Study an Artist

Father’s day-den building

Creative Arts Week

Sports Days



Plant and grow a vegetable/fruit

Welbeck Festival

End of year awards

Read with a younger child

Pick litter in the community