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PE and Sport Premium

PE and Sport Premium

Welbeck Primary School Sports and PE Funding

2022-2023 Summer Progress Report

Welbeck Primary recognises the importance of PE and sport. The development of PE has been enhanced by the additional Sugar Tax funding over the past three years. This money has been a key element in providing the pupils at Welbeck with the very best education in PE.

Sports funding allocated by the Government has been used to:

  • Fund the salary cost of our full-time specialist sports coach who works with classes throughout EYFS, KS1 and KS2
  • Develop staff CPD in PE through team-teaching and staff insets led by specialist sports coach.
  • Provide extra-curricular sports activities for EYFS, KS1 and KS2 during every lunchtime.
  • Provide after-school clubs for KS1 and KS2 pupils in a range of active, keep-fit sports.
  • Provide before school Kilometre running club school. As a school we have ran 25000 miles.
  • Provide equipment and resources for PE and sport across all key stages, including use of school mini-bus for inter-school competitions.
  • Deliver interventions in EYFS to develop physical activity at this early age to promote exercise and enjoyment for PE.
  • Provide lunchtime clubs for targeted children in both KS1 and KS2.
  • Opportunities for KS2 children to represent the school in sporting events.


The Senior Leadership Team and PE subject leader regularly review the impact of sports funding throughout the term and monitor its impact on pupils. We promote team-teaching alongside the sports specialist coach in order to develop staff teaching skills, subject knowledge and confidence in delivering high quality PE and games. We monitor children who access clubs and who doesn’t to provide provision for these children. 


There are now more opportunities for children to participate in sport than ever before. Our school offers a wide range of after school clubs for all age groups. All children have taken part in the Easter run where all EYFS managed to run for 300 metres without stopping. All KS2 children took part in the World cup tournament. Over 100 Pupils represented the school in sporting events across the city. Every pupil participates in PE and the full PE curriculum is provided to all pupils. Our provision has meant that our children show a great deal of enthusiasm and enjoyment for sport and PE, whilst also developing their resilience and sportsmanship.

During 2022-23

  • 100% of KS1 and KS2 children participated in an intra- competition across the year 2022-2023. (Easter Run and Sports Day)
  • 57% of year 5/6 children competed in Welbeck Wimbledon
  • 100% of KS2 took part in an intra world cup competition
  • 90% pupils in Year 5 and Year 6 participated in inter-school competition
  • 100% pupils in UPKS2 accessed a Sports Club
  • 95% Year 4 pupils accessed a sports club
  • 90% Year 3 pupils accessed Tennis Club
  • 45% Year 2 pupils accessed Sports Club
  • 85% Year 1 pupils have accessed sports club
  • 95% of the whole school have accessed the Kilometre club,
  • We have won the Sheriffs running competition running 25000 miles, Equivalent to running around the world
  • Sports leaders have overseen daily activities
  • EYFS have been assessed in agility, speed and coordination and there has been 100% improvement in the results throughout the year.
  • Intervention put in for year 2 students
  • Homework diaries for Healthy eating and exercise put into place for year 2 for a fortnight to give us an insight to children’s lifestyles.
  • Forest Holiday club introduced for half term activities for children (HAF)
  • Taking a lead in the healthy school’s project, providing parent cooking classes
  • Providing cpd for nst schools (Milford) for outstanding PE practice
  • Parent engagement through parents evening with outsiders providers coming in to promote healthy living (Forest/Notts County)
  • Outside providers delivering extra PE, (Notts County, Belvoir castle, YMCA, Nottingham Rugby and Sophie dance)

Welbeck Primary has attended over 20 different Sports competitions/Festival/Megafest/inclusive events in 2022-23: which included dodgeball, handball, curling, cross country, basketball, athletics, cricket, Boccia, Football

  • Came runners up in an indoor athletics competition
  • Boys Competed in the Nottingham City Schools Football League and won it undefeated
  • Girls competed in the Nottingham City schools league and came 1st/2nd
  • Winning the year 4 cross country
  • Bronze medal for the year6/5 boys in cross country
  • Whole school won the sheriffs challenge running over 25000 miles
  • Over 100 children have represented the school which includes G&T and SEN
  • Accredited Gold Sport Games Award for commitment to sports

In 2023-2024, we will continue to provide high quality provision of PE and Sport in school and will explore all avenues and opportunities for fulfilling competitive events in house/different locations.

PE Impact Statement 2022-2023

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