Welbeck Primary School
Parent Views

Parent Views

Parent Survey

99% of parents felt happy with the school.

100% of parents strongly agreed that their child is taught well and made progress.

100% of parents strongly agreed their child felt safe at school.

100% of parents strongly agreed that the school responds to concerns and communicates well.

Comments made:

"The support the school has given me and my family will never be forgotten. You have acted discreetly in a non-judgemental way which has taken stress away instead of adding to what is a really hard time. I can’t thank you enough. You are all amazing!"

Y6 Parent

"The school offers a platform for children to strive and achieve whilst providing a friendly environment for them to not only learn but also grow."

Year 1 parent

"Welbeck is such an amazing school. Both of my children have attended Welbeck and I couldn't think of a better school for them. The teachers are all amazing and such a support especially to us single parent mothers! Thank you for all that you do."

Year 4 parent

"When I first came to the school, I was surprised how helpful and courteous the teachers were. A number of them came up to check I was ok and being seen to. A very warm atmosphere.


Year 5 parent

"We love Welbeck Primary School, the teachers give us a lot of confidence. We drive from Bulwell to the Meadows every day just to put our children in the best school."

F2 parent

"During our time at Welbeck, we have witnessed our child’s remarkable growth and progress. Welbeck has given her an abundance of beautiful experiences which lay a solid foundation for her future learning and life. Thank you for everything you have done for our daughter, it will never be forgotten."

 Y4 Parents

"We are all proud to be part of this great community Welbeck Primary School. Hard working team of staff and pupils. Well done Congratulations"

 Y6 Parent

"Congratulations, thank you to all the  officials Welbeck Primary school"

 Y6 Parent

"This is an absolutely amazing achievement. Thank you for sharing with us. I'm sure I'm not the only parent responding and being proud of my son's school."

 Y5 Parent

"Big Congratulations to this achievement. Well done to all your efforts which go unnoticed. May this achievement refuel your zeal to do more."

 Y4 and Y1 Parent

Suggestions were:

  • More photographic evidence of children's learning via social media.