Welbeck Primary School
Art Curriculum

Art Curriculum

At Welbeck Primary, creativity is central to our curriculum and we encourage children’s artistic development from Nursery through to Year 6. We invest in two specialist art teachers both teaching and supporting class teachers. This ensures quality first teaching of the curriculum and leaders who are passionate about nurturing artistic confidence, skills and originality.

Our art curriculum encompasses the objectives outlined in the National Curriculum and is taught through four strands.

  1. Materials
  2. Drawing
  3. Painting
  4. Sculpting

The curriculum also builds progression in art skills that encompass the use of:

  • Colour
  • Pattern
  • Line and Shape
  • Tone
  • Form and Space
  • Texture

In addition to this, each term the children will study an artist’s work in detail. The artist will be chosen because their work is a strong example of a particular skill (or skills) across the strands.

Following a detailed understanding of the artist’s work, pupils will have the opportunity to imitate part of the art work or skills demonstrated in the art work. After they have observed and understood the work, they can apply their knowledge and skills to produce artwork inspired by the artist but with their own innovation added.

Where appropriate, the art curriculum links with class topics in History, Science and Geography.

Curriculum Enhancement

We feel that visits to local art galleries and working with local artists in school is vitally important to further inspire and motivate our children. Therefore, all children have the opportunity to visit a gallery or work with a local artist at least once a year. We have strong links with local galleries such as the New Art Exchange, Nottingham Contemporary and Lakeside Arts.

Children who show great talent and enthusiasm for art are tracked and supported in developing their potential to its fullest through our Gifted and Talented programme. In UKS2, children have the opportunity to take part in our Children’s University Fine Art Degree.

Every Summer Term, linked to our ’50 things to do at Welbeck’ programme, all children exhibit their artwork in our annual whole school ‘Creative Arts Week Exhibition’ which parents are invited in to view. Welbeck Primary is proud to be involved with a wide variety of community art projects and we have worked with local businesses to create murals and art installations in our local area.

Art Curriculum Knowledge and Skills