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RSHE Including PSHE

RSHE Including PSHE

We are committed to teaching high quality RSHE from Foundation Stage through to Year 6 and have developed this curriculum through our partnership with Catherine Kirk-the Nottingham City RSE consultant. We believe that RSHE is lifelong learning about physical, moral and emotional development.  Through RSHE children learn about relationships, diversity, respect, healthy lifestyles, safety, the body and how it changes, reproduction and birth in a sensitive and age-appropriate way.  In the primary school we are building the foundations of skills and knowledge that will be developed further at secondary level.

Our key aim in providing RSHE throughout the school is to safeguard our pupils.  During their time at this school children will learn key knowledge and skills to help keep them safe and prepare them for adult life.

This is taught through daily circle time, weekly assemblies and timetabled lessons. We also aim to support parents through parent workshops.  

The key objectives of our RSHE programme are to:

  • Develop knowledge and understanding of positive and healthy relationships and the importance of commitment
  • Make pupils aware of their rights especially in relation to their bodies
  • Enable the development of social and relationship skills and protective behaviours
  • Prepare pupils for the physical and emotional changes of puberty
  • Develop understanding of reproduction and birth within the context of loving and caring relationships
  • Explore a range of attitudes, values and faith perspectives around aspects of relationships and sex
  • Support pupils to use the internet safely and to recognise the benefits and risks that it brings
  • Develop pupils’ skills around assessing risk and keeping safe
  • Enable children to gain the skills and understanding to support the development of healthy bodies and minds
  • Enable pupils to recognise and manage their emotions
  • Provide pupils with the knowledge and skills to access appropriate support

We are a UNICEF rights respecting school. We have specifically adopted a child rights approach and have embedded it in school policy, practice and culture. Each class has discussed these rights in great depth and have a Class Charter on display.

LGBTQ – In order to prepare children for the diverse society they live in and to prevent poor behaviour and bullying, it is important to talk about differences in general and families in particular. All children learn about the many different family structures and encouraged to talk positively about their own.

Peer on peer abuse – Children are taught how to identify peer on peer abuse and children will know how to report concerns and know that they will be listened to and supported.

Sexual Harassment – If incidences occur of sexual harassment, online sexual abuse and sexual violence these are recorded and swift action is taken.

Support within school – Children understand that support is available within schools and outside of school. Within school, children can talk to their teachers and the adults in immediate contact. They also have access to drop in session with our School Counsellor and our Learning Mentor.

PSHE & RSHE Curriculum Reception

PSHE & RSHE Curriculum Y1

PSHE & RSHE Curriculum Y2

PSHE & RSHE Curriculum Y3

PSHE & RSHE Curriculum Y4

PSHE & RSHE Curriculum Y5

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Teaching SRE with Confidence – Year 1 – Scheme of work

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Teaching SRE with Confidence – Year 4 – Scheme of work

Teaching SRE with Confidence – Year 5 – Scheme of work

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