Welbeck Primary School
Reading Ambassadors

Reading Ambassadors

Since reading is such a focus at Welbeck Primary, our reading ambassadors have an extremely responsible job to carry out! They have several roles including:

  • Promoting a love of reading to all children at Welbeck.
  • Raising the profile of reading by sharing the importance of it and talking to children about their favourite books and authors.
  • Encouraging children to visit our reading room which is open each day during lunch times.
  • Supporting in our reading room during lunch time once per week.
  • Reading aloud to classes across the school.
  • Reading 1:1 with children from foundation stage up to Upper Key Stage 2.

All of our reading ambassadors are passionate about reading and read at home 3 or more times per week. They aim to be positive role models for other children at Welbeck to encourage them to love reading as much as they do!

Reading At Welbeck