Welbeck Primary School


Welcome to the F1 page.

The children have made a fantastic start to nursery life, have settled in really well and are all thoroughly enjoying exploring, investigating and learning through our fun and creative play based approach.

 Nursery routine

Our nursery day is always a busy one! Phonics and maths are taught daily through stimulating and exciting activities and games. You may hear your child talk about Pop and Quiz! These are mouse and owl puppets that we use to help engage the children and keep the activities and learning fun! We have a ‘Sound and Number of the Week’ where children will be asked to listen for the initial sounds in words and recognise and hunt for objects beginning with that sound as well as number and shape recognition. You can help with this at home by encouraging your child to look for sounds and numbers in the environment, such as car registration plates, door numbers, road signs and shops. In Nursery we love to use the outdoors to explore and investigate. You can often find us with our magnifying glasses going on adventure hunts and using our senses to discover the world around us.


This term we will be having fun with our ‘All About Me’ and ‘Light and Dark’ topics learning about ourselves, our friends, families, where we live, daily routines and nocturnal animals. We will be making the most of the dry weather by going on nature walks collecting and looking for signs of Autumn. We will be spending lots of time engaging in outdoor learning activities using our beautiful Forest Garden to explore and investigate nature. 



Please take a look at our Outstanding nursery!
We are so proud of our provision and look forward to meeting any new families to our school.